I’m running out of time!

Number 2 is fast on her way which brought on a bit of a panic attack this morning… there just isn’t enough time! My list of unfinished craft projects seems to be growing with each week and to make matters worse I started another one last night!! I absolutely had to, I swear I did! This one has been on the TO DO list for over a year and the fabric has been sitting laid out on my snooker table *ahem* new found really huge craft table for a week and a half now.


  1. Advent calendar – make 2, maybe 3 (for the potential kid we might have)
  2. Dinosaur felt mat – needs a lot of work
  3. Crochet dress – crochet some flowers, sew on a button or 2, sew in loose ends
  4. Knitted vest – finish off front and ask Great Nanna to help with the next step of edges
  5. Felt strawberries – finish remaining green tops & find a punnet container
  6. Sew buttons onto top great Nanna made for baby #2
  7. Blog entry for my other more neglected blog www.myfoodobsessions.com
  8. Alphabet exchange letters P & Q – Due by Friday 17th May!
  9. E cushion – for a good friend’s newly born baby boy
  10. Peacock cushion – started this one last year!
  11. Owl pillow case x2 – another unfinished project from last year!!!
  12. Assembly of my Nana cushion – made from my late Nana’s dresses

Future Projects + some not so crafty must do tasks:

  1. More felt food
  2. A little something for a friend expecting
  3. Toddler M’s new room
  4. More house decluttering (in other words listng, listing and more listing on ebay!)
  5. Christmas stocking for baby girl to be
  6. The rest of the bloody alphabet!
  7. Birth Announcements for little Miss

Wow it looks like a lot in list form…… 😦

Not only are my crafty pressures increasingly weighing me down but anxiety of the pending birth has been creeping its way into my headspace. I had one of those bad dreams of a labour from hell last week and flashbacks of my ‘induced’ birth for toddler M keep hitting me randomly, usually while driving….. you know during that period where you zone out but then all of a sudden you are parking the car at your desired destination?!

I have to be realistic here, after putting this list together I am starting to accept that I can no longer be a super Mum, I’m going to have to make some changes: I have already cut out TV from my daily schedule and reading has been put on the back burner for a couple of weeks, now I just have to stop cleaning the house, start buying pre-made processed baby food for toddler M, hire a Nanny and live on fast food!


2 thoughts on “I’m running out of time!

  1. Wow, that is a huge list! It is good to keep busy to distract from the birth and make sure you enjoy the “nesting” phase of the pregnancy.

  2. Allow me to remind you that it was YOUR idea to start the Alphabet Swap project…! 😉 And yep, those bloody letters fill up my ongoing/weekly to-do craft list too, I might add!
    But yes, with my own 2nd bub due in less than a month, I can certainly share your sense of panic – but I keep reminding myself that creative life does indeed continue, even with the arrival of a newborn, and all those projects will still slot into the little slips of time we somehow find in our days. And the things that need to be complete BEFORE the arrival, well, they’ll get done too. Somehow… I hope.

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