Pavement Painting thanks to Pinterest

I have been meaning to expose toddler M to more arty activities as his co-ordination and comprehension increase in capacity. He had a go with painting late last year during a session at playgroup but at the time seemed more interested in eating the paint rather than applying it on paper!

Pavement Paint

Pavement Paint

I was thrilled when I spotted a recipe for ‘Sidewalk Chalk Paint’ last night while on pinterest. It took just a minute or two to whip up this morning and wallah! A fun, cheap painting activity ready to go! I was slightly disappointed with the limited range of food colouring I had on hand… I could have sworn I had more? So toddler M only had a choice of green, yellow, pink and white to play with but he didn’t seem to mind. I can confirm the paint ccomes straight off with the flick of the hose and the paint that made it onto his onesies washed out too.

Here is the recipe courtesy of Creatively Blooming‘It’s simply 1 part cornstarch to 1 part water.’

Pavement Paint

Pavement Paint

Pavement Paint

Pavement Paint


3 thoughts on “Pavement Painting thanks to Pinterest

    • I really liked the chalk paint. I would recommend using it straight away though, as the cornflour component starts to settle to the bottom after a short time. Maybe we could go to a park with a large concrete area and let the toddlers loose!

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