Watching the wheels… A Father’s Reflection

Watching the Wheels

Below is an extract from an email sent by my Husband to our family.

“M now 20 months old.

M a boy of immense character. Last night, I watched him pick up a mobile phone and have another “pretend” conversation, I watched his eyes widen as he tells a story to his pretend listener. His facial expressions, his arms and hands gesture and his fake laughs are brilliantly timed. He really looks and sounds as if he knows what he is talking about. So sincere, I’m sure the pretend person on the other end of the phone can picture M’s story vividly.

Late autumn, winter and early spring are most definitely Brisbane’s “peak seasons” of comfort. Today we found a brilliant patch of grass in a park by The Brisbane River in the suburb of Seventeen Mile Rocks. The ground was cool to the touch and the grass was so soft. Mattress like. It reminded us of the lush New Zealand and U.K grass we love so much.

With so much to worry about in the world, nothing could take away the joy of a good old fashioned play in the park. Who needs swings when you have the most awesome patch of grass all to yourself!”

Watching the Wheels

Watching the Wheels


2 thoughts on “Watching the wheels… A Father’s Reflection

  1. That grass sure looks lush!!
    Isn’t there something really special about witnessing father/son bonding…?! I know I just love it when my Dans are truly enjoying being together and doing ‘boy stuff’. Makes my heart flutter 🙂

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