Bubbles: 1 Mummy: 0

Mummy's Bubble Failure

I had a mummy fail over the weekend 😦 My first attempt at homemade bubble mixture was a bit of a disaster – it didn’t work, there were no bubbles. I don’t understand what happened? I found the recipe on Pinterest and the Pinterest God has never led me astray before!?

Toddler M didn’t seem to mind quite as much as me, he had a ball playing with the container full of soapy water and spent a good deal of time making “pretend” bubbles. The bubble wands were flying in and out of the mixture at rapid speed with mummies bubble failure being flung all over the place including cousin D’s eye. (Sorry cousin D :S).

So….. it was time to play with a ball instead.

Mummy's Bubble Failure


One thought on “Bubbles: 1 Mummy: 0

  1. hahaha.. I know, we made a really crap batch of bubbles at Playcentre. The kids tried so hard to blow the bubbles but it just didn’t work. Seems making bubble mixture is quite the art. Love the photos of the kids having fun!

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