A Very Talented Nanna

I am like ‘The Lone Crafter’ in my family with my older women role models all having green thumbs when it comes to art & craft. My father and grandfather however, are/were both good with their hands being fitter & turners / mechanical engineers and have both enjoyed tinkering with greasy metal bits throughout their lives so I suppose my desire to create comes from the paternal side in my case.

My husband’s family is a refreshing contrast with the older ladies in the family all enjoying craft, the most outstanding role model being perhaps my husband Nanna.

Nanna has been both a teacher and an inspiration to me over the years. She has taught me to crochet and is currently teaching me to knit and I am honoured to have been spoilt with her company, patients, knowledge and handmade gifts. I always enjoy catching up with Nanna, crafting along with her and checking out her latest projects – she always has a few on the go like most hardcore crafters. Not bad for 88 years old!

She recently made this beautiful cardigan for toddler M (it will be entered into the Mt Gravatt Show craft section this year in the 70’s & 80’s knitting category – Good Luck Nanna!):

Cardigan for M knitted by Nanna

And this adorable top for the new born baby girl who will soon be making her début into the world:

Top for soon to be girl knitted by Nanna

I will be a very happy lady if I am half as capable at her age. Thank you Nanna for everything you have shared with me!




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